Very Just Fine: Amplitude Three

1. Busy B.S. Day
2. Balance Beam
3. California
4. Groan
5. Clear The Air
6. Keep The Faith
7. Talking Soft and Saying Everything
8. God’s Gift
9. Valentine’s Day
10. Frinky
11. St. Patrick’s Day
12. Toast
13. Automatic Caution Door
Produced by Dolph Chaney. Track 9 recorded 18th April 1998 at Studio Dolphty-Four, Woodstock, GA. Tracks 2, 4 and 7 recorded 27 October 2002 at the late residence of the dearly departed feline Professor Frink, Chicago, IL. All other tracks recorded April - June 2004 at Studio Dolphty-Six, Chicago, IL.

Full details here. Available as CD-R. 

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